Metal Polishing Company
Benefits of Metal Polishing

Unique Brass Finishes is a small metal polishing company based in the Highgate area of Birmingham. In 2012 we discovered we had a talent for bronzing, which was realised almost by accident after receiving a request from  one of the Royal Ordinance Factories to do a small job for them. Luckily our work proved to be quite a hit!

After this success a small team was assembled in order to experiment with colours and finishes. We then started to push these in the finishing trade, and they were so successful that we decided to form a small company – Unique Brass Finishes Ltd.

Unique has since slowly grown and expanded it’s customer base.

Soon after this Unique Brass Finishes started supplying companies like Comyn Ching, AH Brass and The Sash Window Workshop and word quickly spread. We received recommendations and many architectural ironmongery manufacturers started to use our services which lead to us beginning to offer a wider variety of shades and colours.

We now produce finishes for a great number manufacturers including Simonwerk, Frank Allarts, Croft and Carlisle Brass and design houses. We have even moved into the furniture and shop fitting market and now provide a service from inception to conclusion. We can source materials, cut the material and manufacture.

We have a range of more than thirty colours and can produce different tones of colour to suit our customer’s needs. We also offer a subcontract service and can perform site visits to fix final snagging problems.

Because of the nature of our evolution as a business, we now employ several expert metal polishers and are able to offer polishing services for individual or several hundred batches of material. These can be stove lacquered, air lacquered, waxed or remain as polished.

We have a dedicated work force who understand the customer’s unique requirements as they strive to provide the very best service and product available today.