What Makes Polishing and Buffing Seem to be Similar?

To most people metal polishing and buffing share many similar characteristics so it is difficult to differentiate between them. For example, in both techniques, the surface of the metal is changed in some way, like a slight disturbance of an extremely thin top layer of the surface, so that the subtle damage present just beneath the layer can be removed easily. Another way is to make use of a rotary tool and a flexible polish for smoothing out the surface and attain a high shine. Polishing and buffing produce the same results after implementing their processes.

However, if we study this topic in depth, we come up with different conclusions. The following lines can be drawn through these conclusions.

What is Buffing?

  • Buffing mostly refers to the use of a tool or machine for shining the surface of a metallic object. These buffing tools vary from rotary buffers to orbital buffers having multiple functions.
  • Most often, buffing is used in combination with a compound used for smoothing the surface of the metal Rectangular and fine abrasives are added to various types of greases to create solid sticks.
  • The metal polishing company implements several types of buffing methods. One such method is cut buffing that involves cutting down the surface of copper, brass and other metals and colouring it at the same time. To achieve the desired effects, a rough buffing compound is usually used in the cut buffing method.
  • Another method is colour buffing. In the colour buffing method, rouges or buffer compounds are used to give a mirror-like shine to the metal finish. When the surface of metals like aluminium and chromium have become smooth enough, colour buffing technique is done on those metals.

What is Polishing?

  • Polishing is similar to buffing i.e. polishing also changes the surface of the metal Polishing can be defined as the process to remove the oxidation and improve the quality of the metal. The quality is improved by removing the fading, dark spots, water spots etc. and adding protection to the metal.
  • The difference between polishing and buffing is that most of the time, the process of polishing is a preparation for the buffing process.
  • Polishing doesn’t involve deep finishing or cleaning as buffing does. For small easy to polish metals, polishing is sufficient but for large metal materials, buffing is a must.
  • Post polishing, the surface of the item needs to get buffed. Buffing is the next step after polishing. Buffing gives a fine shiny and mirror finish surface that requires the use of buffing wheels and buffing compound.

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